Realistic coloring. realistic advice.

Tired of banging your head against the wall when the latest free tutorial or marker recipe doesn't turn out the way it looks online?

Looking for something beyond blend, blend, blend?

Frustrated because everything you color looks flat?

Realism isn't difficult... but it is downright impossible if you stick to crafty coloring shortcuts and standard blending techniques.

Real life is full of texture, pattern, contrast, and desaturation. Life is so much more than light-medium-dark blending combinations.

Let's add some life to your coloring!

You can do this!

Latest Video:

Do you assume things are black without looking?

Do you grab black markers and pencils on reflex?

Learn why Amy rarely uses black art supplies and how you can use the same concept to develop your own style and unique artistic voice.

Latest Livestream:

Sunscreen for Yellow Markers-

It sounded so simple -

“I’ll color the flower light yellow and it will be so soft and pretty…”

But you ended up with a glow-in-the-dark daffodil.

I get it. I avoided yellow for almost a decade because everytime I used it, you could see my yellows from space.

Join me for a fun demonstration on taming your yellows. Reduce the glow, control the color, and prevent them from dominating your entire project.

Friday, March 15th at 11am EST

Replay available for those who can't attend or want to watch it again!

Vanilla Livestream is recommended for intermediate to advanced colorers. Basic techniques are not covered.

"Strawberry Trio" the week 12 project in Marker Painting Foundations

From beginner to wow!

Marker Painting Foundations is a beginner level class and a new approach to adult coloring.

Learn to use your Copic Markers the way artists use paint- with style, originality, and amazing depth & dimension. MPF is a drastic change from adult coloring tutorials which lock you into using specific recipes and follow-the-leader style demonstrations.

No more copy-catting!

You can color independently with confidence. You can get realism and artistic flair from your Copics

You can learn to paint with markers!


New Workshop Class:

Forever Access!

Marker Painting Workshops provide challenges for colorers who want to do more than blend!

"Luminous Lanterns" is a 2 hour course which shows you how to get two distinctly different glowing effects- underglow and overlight. Learn how and when to use each method for more realistic illumination.

  • Technique Deep Dive video outlines the under or over decision making process plus provides a reality check on coloring like everyone else

  • extended cut demonstration videos with instructional commentary

  • helpful lesson aids including photo references and color guides

  • technique instructional handouts

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