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Realistic coloring. realistic advice.

Tired of banging your head against the wall when the latest free tutorial or marker recipe doesn't turn out the way it looks online?

Looking for something beyond blend, blend, blend?

Frustrated because everything you color looks flat?

Realism isn't difficult... but it is downright impossible if you stick to crafty coloring shortcuts and standard blending techniques.

Real life is full of texture, pattern, contrast, and desaturation. Life is so much more than light-medium-dark blending combinations.

Let's add some life to your coloring!

You can do this!

I want to...

"Daffodils" a Power Poppy stamp. Lesson on coloring clean yellows with dimension. | VanillaArts.com

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In the Studio Journal:

The Quest for Realism- How Texture Improves Your Coloring

Coloring that steals your breath away...

Think back to the last coloring project that knocked your socks off.

Maybe you spied it in a shop on the "Upcoming Classes" bulletin board. Perhaps you scrolled past it on Pinterest and had to abruptly backtrack to get a closer look.

When I ask students "what was it about the project which drew your attention?" they usually tell me it was color.

Color. Color. Color. Color.

People who love Copics and colored pencils all...



crazy for cranberry

Here's the Nobember FREE Digi Club image, "Festive Cranberry"

Get your copy of the digital stamp + the recipe guide used here.

"Festive Cranberry" offer expires on December 3rd, 2017. But don't worry, I launch a new free digi the same exact day!

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Learning to Color?

Work in Progress Pics

Build a VERSATILE starter Copic collection which doesn't waste money!

Gift Ideas for Colorers- Copics, colored pencils, watercolor...

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Amy's Latest Speed-color:

Check out the quickie version of "Festive Cranberry"

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Olive & Oak- a lesson on Color Kissing

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Saturday, November 18 at 12pm EST

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We all want a gigantic marker collection but even if you do win the lottery, it takes some time to gather a complete Copic collection.

What do you do when you don't own the markers you need?

Learn Amy's Color Kissing technique and then take it to new extremes by tinting your Copic Markers with colored pencil. This image was colored with green and brown markers and it's anything but boring!

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"Colored Pencil Plus" is a beginner level class is a new approach to adult coloring.

Learn to use your colored pencils the way an artist would- with style, originality, and amazing depth & dimension. Colored Pencil Plus is a drastic change from adult coloring tutorials which lock you into using specific recipes and follow-the-leader style demonstrations.

No more copy-catting!

You can color independently with confidence. You can get realism and artistic flair from your colored pencils.

You can learn to color like an artist!

"Red Striped Rose" the week 12 project from Colored Pencil Plus