Over the Top: 2018 Retreat for colored pencil art

Join Amy Shulke of Vanilla Arts Company for a relaxing colored pencil art retreat for intermediate and advanced colorers. | VanillaArts.com

Life gets in the way

You want to color better but wow, you are busy!

There's the job, the family, and that looming pile of dirty laundry that's about the size of New Jersey.

And even when you do find a quiet moment to squeeze in a coloring project, you're still mentally adding potatoes and bandaids to tomorrow's grocery list.

Life doesn't stop and the world doesn't slow down.

busy is not ideal for learning

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I don't mean to question your lifestyle, I'm just saying that it's really hard to focus on skill and technique when your mind is pin-balling around.

To really learn something- to make sure that you totally understand the concept and to insure that your muscles are memorizing the feel of good technique, that requires whole brain concentration.

And if you're curious how much milk is left in the fridge or if out-of-the-blue you suddenly wonder why you didn't see the last electric bill on your bank statement, then you aren't concentrating enough to create long term memories and true learning.

The value of a retreat

Now just wait.

Most people read the word "retreat" and they think private islands in the Caribbean or a ritzy spa in southern California.

But honestly, a coloring retreat could be a room at the Motel 6.

It's not about the scenery or the surroundings that makes for an effective retreat.

It's pulling yourself out of your normal life and breaking your brain away from your usual routine. You don't need scenic alpine sunsets,  just the raw difference of being in a new place without your old responsibilities prepares your mind to absorb the lessons.

Staycation, schmay-cation!

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We all try it, at least once.

I've got this video workshop that I've always wanted to do. So I'll take the week off work and watch all the lessons while everyone else is at work and school...

Fourteen loads of laundry and a three day marathon of Fixer Upper reruns and ack! That plan got shot to bits, eh?

If you're sitting at home, you're going to think home thoughts. Even sitting in your mother-in-law's coat closet would be better than sitting at home.

That's also why you get more coloring done in class and more scrapping done at crops... because no one is asking you where their other pink sock is.

When you vacate the house, you declare an intention to focus on the project, the online workshop, or the tutorials in the book you just bought. It's not just removing yourself from your normal duties, it's also setting up the mindset that "this is a new thing and I'm doing it now".

Why am I talking about retreats today?

beach 2.jpg

Because that's my latest project. A destination workshop for Vanilla Arts students who want to really focus on their colored pencils.

Online lessons are great and once a month local classes are very helpful but it's also good to get away from the world and focus on just the one special thing we love to do - coloring.

It's a private cottage right on Lake Michigan. Surrounded by woods and wildlife.

We're getting away from it all and you can join us!


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Over the top...

Join Amy Shulke of Vanilla Arts Company for a relaxing colored pencil art retreat for intermediate and advanced colorers. | VanillaArts.com

... and slightly beyond.

Large scale projects with a colored pencil focus

Level: Intermediate to advanced colored pencil colorers. Must have taken Colored Pencil Plus or art-based C.P. classes from an art instructor.

Art Supplies Included: Bring your own pencil set(s), sharpener, and watermedia but everything else is provided! Five 11x14" line drawings plus guides and learning aids, and tons of tools.

Lessons: Instruction tailored to your needs. Retreat size limited to 10 to insure that you get lots of individualized help and guidance.

Goal: Learn to color large sized projects independently and with confidence; finding your own color palettes and unique sources of inspiration to move past copy-catting the instructor samples. We'll discuss and demonstrate the typical way that artists develop their own unique works and modify the processes to better fit the way colorers work. Lots of tools and books will also be available for you to sample and try, saving money as you build your own studio.

Food & Lodging: Included in the price!


Join me for coloring in the Northwoods

It's a whole new adventure!

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