Realistic Florals: Why Traditional Copic Marker Blending Technique Makes Fake Flowers

Do your Copic Marker and colored pencil flowers look fake, flat, and artificial? It’s not you, it’s the technique that’s bad. Learn how to add back true depth & dimension to your florals and botanicals using a fine art approach. | | #copicmarker #coloredpencil #realisticcoloring

Do your flowers look fake?

Do you dream of coloring realistic flowers with Copic Markers, colored pencils, or even watercolor?

Do you keep practicing— coloring lots of flower stamps and trying out new tutorials… but you never seem to get the look of a real flower?

My latest video at YouTube is a free lesson on why traditional Copic blending techniques fail miserably when it comes to florals.

It’s not you. It’s the technique.

Today, let’s explore my top tip for coloring flowers and botanicals with more life and greater realism.

Standard Copic technique is why your flowers are flat.


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Take the online class!

Marker Painting Workshop classes offer artistic challenges for intermediate to advanced colorers. Learn how to overpaint for more realistic depth and shade on yellow flowers. | | #copicmarker #coloredpencil #coloring #howtocolor

Back by popular demand!

The Calendula lesson originally ran as part of my Marker Painting Basics series at Patreon in September 2017.

This amazing class and the digital stamp have been unavailable until now!

Calendula and Lemon Zest work hand in hand to teach you how to approach the color yellow in all your coloring projects.

Lemon Zest covers underpainting and uses soft yellows.

Calendula covers overpainting and uses bold yellows.

Between the two techniques, you’ll never shade with orange markers again!

Calendula is ideal for intermediate level students and is a great skills booster for advanced students.

The best thing about Marker Painting Workshops?

Workshops are NON-SEQUENTIAL!

Learn to incorporate real artistry into your coloring projects, one concept at a time. Every Workshop details a new method for enhancing realism, depth, and dimension.

Each class stands on its own as independent learning. You don't have to take six of my other classes to understand this lesson.

All of my Workshop classes are FOREVER ACCESS. Work at your own pace and repeat the project as many times as you'd like.

Come color with me. It's a ton of fun!


Happy coloring!

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