Free Digi Club- "Oopsie Daisy" a FREE Copic Friendly Digital Stamp for Coloring


He loves me, he loves me not...

"Oopsie Daisy" is my new Copic coloring image, free to subscribers of my Free Digi Club from now until September 2nd.

No way! A Free Digi Club?

Yes indeed, subscribers to the FDC (that's what the cool kids call it) receive 1 free and challenging image.

I draw them especially for use with Copic markers. That means the objects are full of wide open spaces to blend. There's no distracting texture marks!

I want your coloring to shine through, not my drawing skills!

That's what the "Vanilla" in Vanilla Arts Co. is all about. I give you the vanilla base, you add the hot fudge, the sprinkles, the whipped cream, and the Copic ink.


online class update:

Patreon classes resume this week!


Patreon lessons will still use the Free Digi Club image but the lesson structure and rewards system is changing.

  • "Beginner +" level means that we're working on basic skills or techniques. Optional challenge elements

  • Shorter and easier to digest videos 30-60 minutes long

I'll send out an email to my subscriber list when the Oopsie Daisy Patreon Lesson goes live.

Intermediate to Advanced Workshop Lessons

Work continues, I expect to launch before the end of the month.

Workshops will be what the Patreon lesson system used to be, 3-4 hours of video instruction. Challenges for your mind as well as your hands.

The new workshop lessons will be sold a la carte and have forever access as well as dedicated discussion and gallery boards.

And yes, you'll receive an email about the workshop website as soon as I'm ready to hit the big, red "Go" button.

August is a busy month, hold on tight!

And hey, send me a .jpg photo of your project! I love seeing what people do with my images!!!

Happy coloring!