Free Digi Club: Doughnut Stack - a coloring image for Copic, colored pencil, or watercolor

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Glazed Heaven!

How about a special treat?

"Doughnut Stack" is my latest Copic coloring image, a realism challenge for those of you who love food illustration! And I promise you, this whole stack of doughnuts is 100% calorie free! You might even burn a few calories coloring it.

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My digital stamps are ideal for Copic marker coloring but they also work great with colored pencil and even watercolor.

The images are full of wide open spaces to blend and celebrate pretty color. There are no distracting texture marks to get in the way of your creativity!

That's what the "Vanilla" in Vanilla Arts Co. is all about. I give you the vanilla base, you add the hot fudge, the sprinkles, the whipped cream, and the Copic ink.

"Doughnut Stack" a free digital stamp for subscribers to the Free Digi Club. Every month a new challenge level image for use with Copic Markers, colored pencil, or watercolor. |

Perfect for Copic Markers or Colored Pencil!

And I've used Copic markers, Prismacolor Premier pencils, and a few other supplies here to create some amazing realism and you can do it too!

Doughnut Stack is an intermediate to advanced level image. If you're looking for something beyond the silly stamps where the food all has little smiley faces, this is the image for you!

And it's a large! Color it full page or half page size. Cardmakers could try it smaller with a bit less detail to the coloring OR color it large, scan, and print colored copies at a smaller scale!


Doughnut Stack  Speed Color:

Click above to be taken to the video on my YouTube channel.

Click above to be taken to the video on my YouTube channel.


Take the Doughnut Stack Class!

Doughnut Stack, a challenge level lesson on using gray underpainting to develop realism. Class also includes Amy's unique method for creating translucency. Copic Markers & colored pencil. |

To move your coloring beyond the cartoon stage and develop realistic and accurate details, take the Marker Painting Workshop online class!

This Marker Painting Workshop lesson is perfect for intermediate and advanced colorers who are looking to add more realism to their projects.

We're learning the basics of realism with new challenges every month!

Doughnut Stack uses a centuries old artistic technique called underpainting or Grisaille to create lifelike depth and amazing color accuracy.

You can't color with realism if you're using traditional Copic Marker blending combos! Learn how Amy creates the necessary shady colors automatically rather than hunting through 358 markers for the correct color!

This lesson also includes a bonus segment on creating translucency. Frosting is easy but glaze? That's a special effect!

Tired of cartoony stamps? Give realistic coloring a try for FREE! Free Digi Club includes a new challenging stamp every month + a recipe guide. Perfect for Copic Marker, colored pencil, and watercolor. |

The best thing about Marker Painting Workshops:


You do not need three months of prior experience to understand the concepts and techniques in this lesson.

If you can handle basic Copic blending methods and if free tutorials aren't much of a challenge anymore, then you're ready for something more!

Learn to incorporate real artistry into your coloring projects, one concept at a time. Every Workshop details a new method for enhancing realism, depth, and dimension.

Each class stands on it's own as independent learning. You don't have to take six of my other classes to understand this lesson.

All of my Workshop classes are FOREVER ACCESS. Work at your own pace and repeat the project as many times as you'd like.

Come color with me. It's a ton of fun!



Happy coloring!

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