Foundational Skills

New Online Copic Course - Marker Painting Foundations is open!


Beginner lessons can be fun!

Beginner level coloring doesn't have to make you feel like a kindergartner.

You're an adult, right? Just because you're new to something doesn't mean that you come into it with an empty brain and zero skills.

Somehow you managed not to kill yourself with Crayola crayons back when you were in grade school. So instead of spending hours coloring blending boxes and sphere exercises, we're jumping right into the fun and challenging stuff.

Because no one starts from square one with coloring.

Week one was full of consumer information

All the marker details that Copic lovers crave. Beginner marker suggestions, product knowledge, nib styles...

And the dreaded Copic numbering system.


Week two is full of kisses

And lots of paper details like fiber content and coatings and composites... basically, we're eliminating the confusion you face when trying to choose marker papers, cardstocks, and papers for mixed media.

Plus we're getting ready to explode a marker.

Not. Kidding.

It's not too late to join!

Marker Painting Foundations does not have a sign up period. There's no official start date.

Always open enrollment. Start anytime.

Lessons are fed to you on a regular basis so you always start with lesson one instead of joining a class in progress.

And because you have forever access, there is no such thing as falling behind! If life gets busy or you extend your Caribbean vacation by another month, you simply pick up where you left off. Do what you can, when you can.


You'll love the concepts and the discussions!

I never do anything normal, so you know I've got a unique take on beginner marker lessons.

My videos and exercises will challenge your thinking and the student discussion board helps us clarify ideas and expand upon the topic.


Every colorer has knowledge gaps

Marker Painting Foundations- 12 weeks to learn Copic coloring online. |

Especially if you're self taught. You can only get so much from reading blogs and watching free YouTube tutorials.

Now is the time to fill in the gaps and get some real instructor feedback.

Improve your coloring- whether you're a beginner, an intermediate, or someone looking to move from regular Copic blend-coloring to convincing depth and realism.


Join the Marker Painting Foundations class

This is more than coloring, it's painting with markers.

And you can do this!