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Free Digi Club- "Triple Scoop" a Copic friendly (and FREE) coloring image

June 2016 Free Digi Club "Triple Scoop". Subscribe for your free copy! |

Sweet summer fun!

Triple Scoop is my new Copic coloring image and it's absolutely, positively 100% free for subscribers to my Free Digi Club!


Yep! From now until June 1st, 2016.

Now I know, there are lots of websites that promise free stuff and then flood your inbox with lots of other email.

But I don't have time for that and you certainly don't have time for that!

Subscribers receive one email per month. That's it. I send you the new link for the new image That email sometimes has a class update at the bottom. No special offers, no twice-weekly breaking news announcements about my houseplants or my evil plans to take over the world.

It's a free digi club for people who like to color. That's it.


And hey, here's that new speed coloring video. Enjoy!


Now for a quick update about my online classes...

All Patreon classes have been suspended while I move my class system to a website designed for online classes.

I'm not rushing myself through the process and so I do not have a definite launch date for Vanilla Arts Studio Workshops. I'm thinking late June or early July at this pace. I chop away at the to-do list, little by little everyday.

Students who paid for lessons at Patreon will receive coupons for access to the lessons which were active during their time at Patreon (you paid for a lesson, you won't have to pay again). Anyone who joined Patreon after May 1 hasn't paid for lessons, therefore will not receive grandfathered status at the new site.

Class fees will go up at the new site which will better reflect both their value plus the new services AND forever access. Sorry folks, the Patreon price structure wasn't meant to last.

And by the way, all classes will be sold individually. No more monthly membership structure. You buy only the classes that appeal to you, purchase them when you have time to watch. No more struggling to keep up with the pace of new releases!!!

In the meantime, enjoy the new FREE "Triple Scoop" digital stamp!

Happy coloring!