Copic Club for beginners, Halloween with Birdie Brown


Beginner Lessons on Skin, Hair and how to color black? 

Here's an early release sneak peek at the class image for October 2015. It's Birdie Brown for My Favorite Things: Witch Way is the Candy?

Dates are TBA, we will discuss options during our September Copic Club sessions. I want to make the times work for as many people as possible!

What is casual coloring?

I love a good challenge, and let's face it... it wouldn't be an Amy class if I didn't knock your socks off with at least one awesome artsy lesson.

But you know, sometimes you just want to color. We can all use some zen time, no?

Copic Club is perfect for beginners- no matter how long you've been a beginner. And while we're calling this a club, the whole purpose of this style of session is that you can come to eighteen lessons or three, you don't need to hang your head in shame for missing a few classes. Nothing is sequential and if you miss a few months, you won't be lost when you come back. Relax, we'll be there when you're available.

Each session runs 2 1/2 hours. For the first hour, we'll cover a mini-lesson- a tip or trick that will help you better color that month's image. Then I'll set you free to color or ask questions.

Because I can't say no to a challenge, I'll always offer a "Step Up" during the second half of class time. Participate if you want and if not, no biggie!



Here's the cool part! I know how tough it is to start out with Copics. It's a pretty significant investment and it's pretty darned hard to know what to buy.

Relax! Copic Club is the perfect place to start Copic coloring at the pace that's right for you!

Remember When offers rental kits- try the markers before you buy!

But here's the really cool part: All Copic Club classes work from a single kit. I've chosen 42 markers plus some extra pens and accessories. ALL Copic Club classes will draw from that kit's contents.

I've met students with massive marker collections full of colors they hardly use. It happens when you take multiple classes with multiple instructors, each instructor works off of a different supply list. The more classes you take, the more infrequent-use markers you collect. Who needs that kind of madness?

I've developed a kit of starter colors that I guarantee will cover a wide variety of images! I'm so confident that this is the ideal beginner assortment that I've challenged myself to stick to nothing but the kit every Friday for a year!

Remember When sells both the kit or the kit contents a la carte- so you can purchase all at once or purchase as each item appears on a class supply list.

How deeply and how quickly you invest in Copic Markers is all up to you!

October Copic Club Image | VanillaArts.com

want the deets?

Sorry, this class has expired.

$15.00 per session, includes class pack

Class stamps- Pre-orders now being accepted.

Reserve your spot and stamp set by calling 586.598.1810

or stop into the store: 

21952 23 Mile Road
Macomb Twp.

or email Shannon at: rememberwhenscrapbooking@comcast.net

Stamp: "Witch Way is the Candy" a full set of images by Birdie Brown for My Favorite Things


  • Introduction to easy skin and hair

  • Introduction to coloring black items

  • Amy's fabulous pumpkin technique

Join us for Halloween fun. I can't wait to color with you!