Improve your Copic coloring today: replace worn nibs


A doctor’s prescription for coloring?

Think about it, what could be easier than popping a pill to instantly improve your coloring? I’d consider it!

Maybe there are no pharmacological remedies for bad Copic blending, but there are some little things you can do today which can immediately improve the look of your Copic projects.


I’ll try to discuss this in a PG rated way…

Some marker Super Brush nibs get, well… they kind'a loose the spring in their step.

Age is a factor.

Use is a factor.


I tend to color with the side of my brush nibs more than I color with the tip o’ the tip, so pressure is definitely a factor too.

Brush nibs do not last forever.

At a certain point, you are going to notice less bounce-back on your brush nibs.

In fact, when you color they may flop right over.

Every brush nib has a hardened felt core. And that core is pretty springy when the nib is fresh and new and virgin.


But over time...

with use and age… how do I say this nicely… well, things no longer point northward as strongly as they used to.

They might leak a little more frequently too.

And it’s okay.


It happens when things get old

The circle of life and all that jazz.

The plumbing ain’t what it used to be.

But don't worry. There is a very easy solution.

Dump your old and worn out brush nib for a brand new, younger nib!

Yep. If there’s no life left in the old geezer, then do not hesitate! Kick him to the curb, pronto!

One Tiny Thing to improve your Copic coloring immediately! Nibs wear out. |

Stuff doesn’t last forever

And really, isn't the whole point of a Copic marker, the reason you shelled out the big bucks, is that it's totally refillable and has lots of replaceable parts?

Well, that means you might actually have to do some refilling and maybe some replacing every once in a while.

Maintenance, darling. Maintenance.

There’s no shame in retiring a nib that no longer gets the job done. Pasture that sucker for a newer model.

New nibs are relatively inexpensive and they come in packs of three, so you can have lots of fun replacing your old nibs with younger studs.

Yep. Trust me. It’s an easy task to do. It takes about 30 seconds to pop out an old nib out install a new one.

In fact, you could change out your nibs while sitting in a bath tub on the beach.

After all, you’ll know when the moment is right.