Vanilla Undercover swatches for realistic coloring with Copic Markers || #realism #copic #howtocolor

Underpainting Creates the Natural Colors Found in Everyday Life!

Vanilla Undercover swatches for realistic coloring with Copic Markers || #realism #copic #howtocolor

How to use Vanilla Undercover swatches:

First, understand that with underpainting, we always color dark to light. This method does not work light to dark!

Start with the underpaint color, it has an asterisk (*) next to it. Lightly add the underpaint color to the areas of your object which sit in the deepest areas of shade. Then use the darkest of the blending combination over the top of the underpaint. The first color in the combination should totally hide the underpaint layer. Then continue filling the space, working through the marker combination using lighter and lighter colors to blend and smooth the darker zones.

Does the underpaint color “match” the other colors? NO! That’s the point. When we underpaint, we MIX colors rather than BLEND colors. The fact that underpainting is blue, gray, violet, or even hot pink is not the point. Underpainting colors are chosen not for the color they are, but for the color they make. We’re creating completely NEW colors!

Does your underpainted color look a little dingy or dirty? Then you’ve done it right! Real shade is not bright and vibrant. If you want your shade to look realistic, you need that muddy color. Mud is essential to realistic depth!

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To create the desaturated colors that Copic does not make, Vanilla Arts Company teaches Online Workshops and offers Livestream Coloring Challenges using the underpainting method. Students learn underpainting techniques and tips to enhance realism.