Inspire Me Monday: Home Run Depth & Dimension (Copic Marker, colored pencil)

Vintage Home Run, a Copic Marker challenge level coloring lesson which covers the importance of coloring what you see, not what you think you see. Learn to color using values for dimension rather than relying on marker hues. | | #copicmarker #realisticcoloring #howtocolor
Fresh ideas and tips for artistic coloring with Copic Markers & Prismacolor Colored Pencils from Amy Shulke and the team at Challenge level classes designed to teach you the art beyond coloring. | | #copicmarker #realisticcoloring #howtocolor

Don’t color a Stereotype

Copic Marker coloring classes can be misleading! Many students walk away from classes and tutorials thinking that mystical magical color selection is the key to coloring with depth, dimension, and ultimately realism.

But it’s not a magical marker recipe that makes your coloring look real and dimensional…

You need to stop coloring stereotypes.


Yes. In your mind, you assume a baseball is white.

In your head, you think that grass is a whole bunch of stringy strands.

And if you fall for the stereotype, leaving the baseball pure white and coloring the grass like it’s some kind of crazy fur…

Well, you’ll get a flat baseball and a field full of fur.

Join me over at the Power Poppy Blog today as I break down the steps to my latest project, Vintage Home Run.

Each step is an exercise in coloring what’s real, not the stereotype in my head.


About the Coloring:

Vintage Home Run is part of the Vanilla Livestream class system and is designed to teach you the art beyond coloring. Vintage Home Run is a lesson on using values rather than color to develop realism in all your artistic coloring projects.

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