Free Digi Club: "Cool Peppermint" a FREE Copic Friendly Digi Stamp for Coloring

Nov 2016's Free Digi Club- Cool Peppermint. Subscribe for your free copy plus the recipe guide. |


A Taste of the Holidays...

"Cool Peppermint" is my new Copic coloring image, free to subscribers of my Free Digi Club from now until December 2nd.

Yep, it's my gift to you!

Subscribers to the FDC receive 1 free image every month, delivered right to your email inbox.

My digital stamps are ideal for Copic marker coloring. That means the objects are full of wide open spaces to blend. There are no distracting texture marks!

I want your coloring to shine through, not my drawing skills.

That's what the "Vanilla" in Vanilla Arts Co. is all about. I give you the vanilla base, you add the hot fudge, the sprinkles, the whipped cream, and the Copic ink.


Want the full Cool Peppermint lesson?

Nov 2016's "Cool Peppermint" online, video based lesson for beginner to intermediate level Copic colorers. |

Join the class on Patreon!

Marker Painting Basics classes are perfect for beginner or casual level colorers or self taught intermediate level marker artists who feel like they've missed out on some of the key elements of art instruction.

"Cool Peppermint" is 90 minutes of instruction which includes interesting sidebar discussions on underpainting and camouflage.

You'll also receive one technique of the month video, breaking down an important skill or method to help you improve the way you go about coloring.

You choose which level of support is right for you.


and hey, email a .jpg photo of your project!

I love seeing what people do with their Free Digi Club images!!!

happy coloring!

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