Improve your Coloring: How to Keep Copic Marker Projects Lightweight & Delicate

Flowers should be lightweight and delicate. Do your Copic Marker projects look heavy and leaden? Learn why Copic blending combinations add weight to your projects and how to loose the visual weight! Live broadcast at Patreon. | | #copicmarker #coloredpencil #coloring #howtocolor #realisticcoloring

Do you have a weight problem?

Sorry, not that kind of weight problem.

Do you have a Copic weight problem?

You are not alone.

You color something like flowers and your blends are flawless. You use your best techniques and all of your skill. Basically, the stars align and it might be the best coloring you've ever done.

Flowers should be lightweight and delicate. Do your Copic Marker projects look heavy and leaden? Learn why Copic blending combinations add weight to your projects and how to loose the visual weight! Live broadcast at Patreon. |

And yet your flower blossoms look like they weigh about 900 pounds each.

There's nothing light or delicate about your project. It's leaden and heavy.

Traditional Copic Marker technique adds visual weight to everything you color.

By choosing darker and darker markers to shade every object, the usual Copic blending combinations weigh-down the look of your projects.

I suspect this is why many marker experts color everything super pale (hello RV0000?). Or you'll find marker mavens who color everything using bright primary colors (hello B05 and Y08!). 

They've noticed the built-in heaviness and they're avoiding the problem rather than solving it.


Why do your marker projects look heavy?

Here's a test-

Think about something pink, like a tulip. What Copics would you use to color hot pink tulip petals?

Most of you would start with an RV09 or even RV19. Both are classic dark pinks. So what's the shade color for either of those markers?

If you're shading bright pink with a burgundy or deep wine color like RV99, that's exactly why you have a weight problem!

Did you really want to color burgundy tulips? So what happened?

Do your floral projects turn out heavy looking? It's not your coloring skills, it's not the Copic Markers. Learn how to break the usual Copic shading rules to color lightweight and delicate floral stamps. Livestream broadcast coloring demonstration for intermediate to advanced adult colorers. |

You've been taught to use the wrong color and that leads to excessive visual weight.

It's not just your Copic Blending Combinations though...

The way you color the image is important too.

Do all of your projects look like they're standing under an unrelenting noon-day sun?

Extreme shading and harsh shadows add weight.

Ever notice how photographers obsess about lighting? Professional portrait photographers are really picky and they use multiple soft lights to virtually eliminate all shade and shadow.

And yet you've been taught to add more shade and more shadow?

It's no wonder your coloring weighs a ton!

Florals show all your flaws!

Flowers are supposed to be light and delicate.

And flower stamps are evil; they emphasize and amplify your weight problems. 

You might get away with a deeply shaded burgundy Santa Claus but a 10 ton daisy just feels wrong!

Are you sick of coloring heavy, plastic, and artificial looking flowers? Let's fix that.

It's time to rethink color

It's not your coloring skills, it's not the Copic Markers. If your florals feel heavy, it's because of the darned Copic shading rules! Learn how to color delicate and lightweight florals in a live online broadcast at Patreon. |

It's not you.

It's not the Copics.

It's the rules you've been faithfully following.

I'm giving you permission to break the law and lighten up!

Four tricks to loosing weight:

Color weight. I can't help you with the muffin top...

  1. Avoid shading with burnt marker colors - stop associating level 9 markers with shade!
  2. Stop extreme shading - make your color transitions softer and gentle.
  3. Monitor your temperatures - keep the cool colors cool and the warms warm.
  4. Find breathing room - look for air pockets or places where the background can peek though.

Want to know more?

Great, because there's a lot to explore. Remember, I've sat through all the boring color theory classes so that you don't have to.

I can't wait to share this fun lesson with you!


Join me for an introduction to lightweight florals

Learn to color delicate flowers that feel as if they might float away on the breeze.

It's not hard. You can do this!

Friday, May 18th at 11 am EDT

using Power Poppy's "Hyacinth Bulb in Glass"

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Vanilla Livestream challenge lessons for Copic Marker and colored pencil. Learn to color lightweight and delicate flowers! |

What is Vanilla Live-Stream?

It's a live broadcast- just like the evening news but with me instead of the creepy weather guy in a toupee...

Are your florals lightweight and delicate or heavy and leaden? It's not your coloring skills, it's not your Copic Markers. Learn to break the Copic shading rules to create florals that feel happy and featherlight. Livestream broadcast lessons at Patreon. |

We'll have fun coloring with lots of Copics!

This is just like my local intermediate & advanced level coloring classes, but online!

I'll walk you through my creation process, discussing the ins and outs of the coloring project. We always cover a bunch of artsy tips and tricks which you can apply to tons of other projects.

There's even a live chat feed so that you can ask questions and I'll answer live.

Every month, we tackle a new art technique or creative process, helping you develop your artistic skills and realism!

Can't attend live?

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All livestreams are recorded and available to members immediately after each broadcast for replay. You can watch six months worth of recorded sessions, replaying them as many times as you need to understand the lesson and finish the project.

Hey, that's something you definitely can't do in my live class!


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Lesson: Part one, learning to lessen the weight of your Copic coloring

Bonus Lesson: coloring transparent glass

Stamp: Hyacinth Bulb in Glass by Power Poppy

Medium: Copic Marker and Prismacolor Premier Pencils

Skill Level: Intermediate through advanced colorers. Once you can blend Copics smoothly with confidence, you're ready to join us! No drawing skills necessary.

Vanilla Livestream online challenge lessons for Copic Markers and colored pencils. Learn to break the usual coloring rules to create lightweight and delicate looking florals. |

Join me online for a lightweight lesson that will change the way you color

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