Free Digi Club- Sneak Peek at August's Digital Image & Copic Speed Coloring Video

Free Digi Club August Sneak Peek |

The Digi Club has Ended But……..

Check Out ‘Tree Frog’ Marker Painting Workshop!!

Tree Frog is challenge level course for intermediate and advanced students.

The Best Thing About Marker Painting Workshops?

Workshops are NON-SEQUENTIAL!

Learn to incorporate real artistry into your coloring projects, one concept at a time. Every Workshop details a new method for enhancing realism, depth, and dimension.

Each class stands on its own as independent learning. You don't have to take six of my other classes to understand this lesson.

All of my Workshop classes are FOREVER ACCESS. Work at your own pace and repeat the project as many times as you'd like.

Come color with me. It's a ton of fun!


You Can Also Check Out Free Demonstrations, Tips & Realistic Coloring:


Tree Frog is Also Available In The Vanilla Stamp Shop!

Tree Frog -


This digital image is an accurate tree frog but he has no markings - make him ANY species you desire! Wide open coloring areas with minimal texture marks allows your coloring to take center stage. "Tree Frog" is perfect for colored pencil, alcohol markers, watercolor... your options are endless!

Recipe included for a Red Eyed Tree Frog.

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